Who is this course for

For Bar Tenders

  • For those who don’t want to think too much about coffee and know different complicated details but respect themselves behind the bar.
  • For those who want to get professional skills of preparing espresso, cappuccino and other coffee-based drinks.

For baristas

  • For those who haven’t worked at the bar for some reason and want to restore their skills.
  • For those who have completed barista courses (the school or system aren’t important) but haven’t started their barista career lacking confidence.
  • For those who think their practical skills are imperfect and want to improve them.
  • For those who are preparing to take part in a barista championship but don’t have a lot of experience.

These are 8 hours of intensive practice that will change your professional level forever and increase the speed and efficiency of your work.

The skills and knowledge included in the course

Setting the grind
Baristas and Bar tenders practise the skill of the quickest grind setting, evaluate the quality of espresso and adjust the grind during all the working shift.

Preparing espresso
Baristas and Bar Tenders work on tampering, pouring and preparing espresso to make their actions automatic. They will practise making a lot of cups of coffee within time limits. They will learn to make the most use of coffee equipment and accessories potential.

Whipping milk, pouring milk in
Baristas and bar tenders will learn to whip milk in any pitcher with any steam intensity. They will be able to control the amount and quality of milk foam. If you are familiar with Latte-art, you will probably be able to draw on coffee after the course. Those who can already draw will learn to make more difficult drawings more quickly.

Why this course is called constructor

You can choose the skill you most want to practise yourself. For example, the course includes 2 hours for the grind but you are confident in this task and have problems with milk or latte-art. The trainer will reallocate the time to work with milk and reduce the time to work with setting the grind. You can study 8 hours straight (it’s the most effective variant recommended by the school), or you can have two 4-hour-long meetings, or four 2-hour-long meetings (you can’t stdy less than 2 hours straight). This course allows you to pay separately for each class.

Why we have chosen these skills and in these sequence

These are the main skills necessary for making a good espresso or cappuccino. You may know nothing at all about the structure of coffee equipment, coffee, milk, but can prepare good drinks in practise.

The sequence of practicing skills has been chosen for the following reasons:

  • espresso doesn’t exist without the grind;
  • cappuccino doesn’t exist without the correct kind of milk;
  • latte-art doesn’t exist without the skills of pouring correctly prepared milk into correct espresso.

How to sing up for the course

You can sign up for the course through this site. Fill in the form and our administrator will contact you to specify your details and choose a trainer for you. You can contact our administrator by calling the number +375 (44) 775 02 75.

The course fee
All the 8-hour-long course costs 320 rubles, the cost of each hour separately is 40 rubles.
You can make the payment with your mobile phone through the electronic payment system (free payment), as well as in any bank or post office.