The course “Coffee Roasting” in the borders of SCA Diploma System

SCA Diploma System

December 16-18 there was a course on coffee roasting within SCA Diploma System under the supervision of Marco Cremonese.

The course “Coffee Roasting” in the borders of SCA Diploma System

The classes lasted for 8 hours during 3 days. During this time the participants of the course systematized their knowledge in the roasting area and also discussed many important and interesting questions; 33 kg of coffee were roasted and tasted.

Besides the material included in the program, everybody could ask the trainer their personal questions, ask for advice and problem solutions they meet in their work.

The group consisted of coffee professionals and leading roasters of Belarus. As Marco said he was pleasantly surprised by the level of the group.

Marco Cremonese

All participants passed the course with the grade over 90%.

In 2017 we are planning to invite Mr. Cremonese again to teach a professional course! Details will be published next month.

And finally, we’d like to tell you more about Marco himself:

Marco is an authorized SCA trainer.

Marco Cremonese is an authorized SCA trainer

After graduating from the business and economy department in Verona, Marco Cremonese worked in business area in Germany for several years. There he launched his own coffee brand and since then, for 15 years already he studies coffee at the deepest levels.

In 2003/2006 he started is partnership with the coffee roasting company as a consultant where he had all necessary conditions for the study of this product. His list of responsibilities included the selection of green raw material, roasting process control and blends’ creation.

In 2007/2009 Marco Cremonese founded a small roasting company where he combined the coffee roasting and chocolate production.

Since 2010 he has been working as a consultant for many roasting companies and also a coffee taster and blends’ trainer.

Since 2014 he is an authorized SCAE trainer in such areas as “green coffee”, “sensory skills” and “roasting”.

Marco took part in a huge number of various courses, workshops and trainings. He never gives up learning. Now he is a consultant for different roasting companies in Italy and Germany where he lives now.

Marco is one of the founders of «UMAMI AREA Association» (since 2015).

In 2014, 2015, 2016 he was one of the organizers of the Italian Championship of Coffee Roasters in the borders of the World Roasting Championship.