Belarus Third Tea Championship «Tea Masters Cup 2017»

Belarus Third Tea Championship «Tea Masters Cup 2017»

In Minsk on 18-19 March there will be held The 3rd Tea Championship of Belarus  Tea Masters Cup 2017. The event organizer Tea Studio Alena Velichko invites tea masters, bartenders, employees of cafes and restaurants, tea shops and just tea lovers show their skills in preparation of the most ancient drink on earth. The main prize is a trip to the international tea championship in Vietnam.

The championship will be held for two days, two categories each day.

This year the competitions will be held in four categories, not three as before. The innovation of the championship is tea mixology. The categories "Mastery of tea brewing", "Mastery of tea composition" and "Mastery of tea tasting" remain, although the rules for their conduct changed.

«Mastery of brewing tea»

The participant must demonstrate the skill of preparing two competitive drinks: Organizing Tea (provided by the organizers before the competition) and master tea (any tea pre-selected by the participant).

«Mastery of tea composition»

In this nomination, the contestant must make tea and serve it along with a light snack. It is necessary to prepare two contest compositions: from tea and snacks provided by the organizers, and from master tea and products. The skills of composing and filing the composition, a combination of tastes of tea and snacks are evaluated.

«Mastery of Tea Mixology»

The category involves the preparation of multicomponent tea drinks - both according to their own recipes, and from the components provided by the organizers.

«Mastery of tea tasting»

The participants will have to taste the presented drinks in the subnominations "Pure Tea" and "Multicomponent Drink".

Program of the event

Tea Masters Cup 2017




  1. 12.00 Participants’ performance in the category of tea making;
  2. 13.45 Lecture by Hemanto Perera from Sri Lanka on Ceylon Tea;
  3. 14.15 Concert program:
    • Flamenco with Tatyana Dedikova;
    • ElDorado (guitar and violin).
  4. 14.35 Performances of participants of the championship in the category of tea composition;
  5. 16.35 Concert program:
    • EgoistBand;
    • Poems with Lina Kazakova;
    • Tango with school "Tangokafe".
  6. 16.50 Rewarding of participants.


  1. 12.30 lecture "Journey to the West: Eastern influences on the art of European modernity" by an orientalist, employee of the National Art Museum Nikita Monich;
  2. 14.00 master class on calligraphy;
  3. 14.00 museum tour;
  4. 15.00 lecture "Tea and health" of the director of the social and educational institution "Oncological support center" In the name of life" Irina Zhikhar;
  5. 16.00 museum tour.

During the DAY From 12.00 to 17.00 there will be a master class on origami with Ivan Barbuk, on graphics and imagination development by Ksyusha Repina, make-up with Babitsky Tatyana, and of course tea tasting.

FROM 12.00 Until 4.00 pm the playground for children will work. The partner of the playground is the studio of foreign languages  "Challenge".


March, 19 "Tea sommelier" Hotel Beijing


  1. 12.00 Participants’ performance in the category of tea mixology;
  2. 13.30 Participants’ performance in the category of tea-testing;
  3. 14.30 Concert program: the studio of Indian dance "Navarratna", Ivan Hangmeleon (hang), performances of the Tai Chi Quan Yin-Yang school;
  4. 14.45 Winner’s reward ceremony;
  5. 15.00-18.00  "Tea culture and tea marketing" master classes (chargeable event):
    • "The truth in the eyes or the secret buyer orders tea.  20% tip in 20 minutes. "- Oksana Rapatevich, managing partner and trainer-consultant of the group of companies" Pro Retail ", Belarus;
    • "Success Secrets of Tea Business" - Hemanta Perera, marketing director of the company "Basilur" Tea Export (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka;
    • "How to introduce tea culture in restaurants: mistakes and prospects" - restaurateur Vyacheslav Potemkin, Belarus;
    • "Serving Tea in a Restaurant" - Denis Shumakov, Advertising Director of the company "Turquoise Tea", co-founder of the Tea School-Studio and Head of the Advisory Council of Tea Masters Cup International, Russia.


  1. 12.15 Master Class "How to Cook Puer" ("Tea State");
  2. 13.00 Master-class "Serving tea in a restaurant and fast food stores" ("Tea post");
  3. 13.45 Master class "Secrets of ivan-tea" ("Alphatel");
  4. 14.30 Lao tea (Diana Belskaya, St.-Petersburg);
  5. 15.30 Tea and Health with Irina Zhikhar, director of the social-educational institution "Oncological Support Center" In the name of life ";
  6. 16.00 Master-class «Alternative ways of serving tea in the restaurant» («Vkusnochay»);
  7. From 12.00 to 16.00 the playground for children will work. The partner of the playground is the studio of foreign languages "Challenge".


In the program, additions and changes are possible! Follow the news on the site of the organizer of the event - Tea studio Alena Velichko. General Partner - Brand Ceylon tea «Basilur».