JS Center coffee-trainers

Coffee-trainers of our Center are specialists who:

We constantly train and improve our knowledge not only in coffee, but also in pedagogics, psychology, we organize different trainings and teach our trainers how to teach!

Jury Stalmakhou

Professional train-the-trainer, barista trainer, coffee roasting and coffee blend specialist, SCA Belarus educational coordinator

  1. Working experience in coffee industry over 19 years
  2. During his career, Yuri has worked as a bartender, chief bartender, barista, restaurant and coffee house manager.
  3. Founder of the SORSO di espresso and JS Barista Training Center.
  4. Repeatedly participated in barista championships as a judge.
  5. SCA Belarus educational coordinator (2016-2017).
  6. The official representative of the largest international network of training centers.
  7. 8 years of total work experience in distribution companies, on positions - regional manager, coffee-coach, head of the barista training center, director of the company, chief of the coffee laboratory.
  1. Working experience as a field coffee trainer 2 year
  2. Trained more than 600 students
  3. Trained more than 10 coffee trainers, 17 roastmasters and specialist in the field of coffee production
  4. 20 students opened their own coffee houses
  1. Diplomas and achievements:
  2. Founded «SORSO di espresso» coffee house and roastery
  3. Founded JS Barista Training Center
  4. SCA Belarus educational coordinator
  5. International diploma «train the trainer» Lavazza
  6. La Spaziale diploma «specialist in professional coffee machines»
  7. SCAE Coffee Diploma «Sensory Intermediate»
  8. Technical judge of the National Barista Championship (Minsk, 2014)
  9. Judge of the taste of the National Barista Championship (Minsk, 2016)
  10. Pedagogical education
  11. Participation in the modernization of the largest coffee factory in Belarus
  12. Participation in organization of 6 mini coffee factories outside Belarus
  13. Participation in the development of an innovative coffee roaster with a roasting system in a “pseudo boiling” air stream
  14. Founded the largest training center in the country
  15. Permanent speaker of the HoReCa & Retail expo since 2010
  1. Author’s programs and developments:
  2. Developed the programs for the JS Barista Training Center and great amount of master classes and seminars