Training for professionals

«Latte-art» Training

Cost 200 BYN

This training is designed for

  • Those who have completed «Barista» or «Barista Pro» trainings
  • Professional baristas and bartenders who want to improve their skills in latte-art
  • Those who plan to participate in championships

* To be admitted to the training you need to have «Barista» or «Barista Pro» certificate, or pass a free exam in our Center.

About the training

Duration of the training 8 hours
Cost 200 BYN

The «Latte-art» training is dedicated only to training skills and technics of latte-art. You will learn classic technics (such as heart, tulip, rosette). Moreover, you will learn to create combined author’s drawings and how to improve the skills independently.

We guarantee the result!

Our Training Center is the only organization that provides a guarantee for its training!
If within 8 hours you do not manage to learn the program below and achieve a proper level of skills, we will continue your training at your own expense until the level is reached!

We will teach

  1. How to work with classic technics (heart, tulip, rosette)
  2. How to create combined author’s drawings

Advantages of «Latte-art» training

  1. Only 2 people in class
  2. Only practice
  3. Work with high quality milk and fresh roasted coffee
  4. Individual approach to every student
  5. You are taught by one of the best coffee-trainers of Belarus
  6. Unique teaching system that takes into account psychology of perception
  7. We work only with modern high qualitative equipment
  8. You can choose the most suitable time for training (morning/day/evening)

Work with coffee beautifully!