Training on coffee brewing methods

«Alternative» Training

Cost 240 BYN

This training is designed for

  • Those who want to learn how to brew coffee properly in different ways
  • For professionals who want to learn alternative coffee brewing methods and understand coffee on a deeper level
  • Those who want to participate in alternative coffee brewing championships
  • Those who work with fresh roasted coffee

About the training

Duration of the training 8 hours
Cost 240 BYN

  1. The alternative coffee brewing trend becomes more and more popular all over the world, and is increasingly being presented in the professional coffee houses of our city.
  2. The key feature of alternative coffee brewing methods is that, with their relative simplicity and beauty, you can maximize the flavor of a particular coffee.
  3. During this training you will learn how to work properly with fresh roasted and light roasted coffee, you will understand how to control the process of coffee brewing and to achieve ideal flavor in cup.
  4. For professionals this program will be useful for a deeper understanding of the coffee brewing process. The received knowledge can also be applied in work with espresso.

We guarantee the result!

Our Training Center is the only organization that provides a guarantee for its training!
If within 8 hours you do not manage to learn the program below and achieve a proper level of skills, we will continue your training at your own expense until the level is reached!

We will teach

  1. Understanding of coffee as a product
  2. What is a coffee berry, how it is processed and roasted. The influence of these characteristics on the taste
  3. How to choose a proper coffee for alternative coffee brewing methods
  4. How to choose water with proper characteristics
  5. How to brew chemex, pour over, aeropress, french-press, siphon and other coffee brewing methods professionally
  6. How the turbulence, grind, water temperature and time of coffee brewing and extraction influence coffee flavor
  7. How to use all this knowledge to achieve ideal taste in cup

Advantages of «Alternative» training

  1. Only 2 people in class
  2. 7 out 8 hours are dedicated to practice
  3. Work with specialty fresh roasted coffee
  4. You are taught by one of the best coffee-trainers of Belarus
  5. Unique teaching system that takes into account psychology of perception
  6. We work only with modern high qualitative equipment
  7. You can choose the most suitable time for training (morning/day/evening)

We invite you to plunge into the world of coffee